Vertical Hydroponics Gardening


We offer different size packages for the more enthusiastic home gardener, with 4 tower, 8 tower, 16 tower, and 32 tower systems. We have pre-made packages with everything you need. Our modular system allows you to start small, and add on as you want or need to. We take the guesswork out of it for you! The system is simple enough for most anyone to use. Not sure which Vertical Hydroponic Grow Systems to chose?

With stories of contaminated produce making headlines, wouldn’t it be great to be more in control of the food you eat? When you grow your own food, you will know with confidence what has NOT been sprayed on the produce that comes from your own back yard. When you grow hydroponically, you conserve water, and minimize your labor. And with our vertical hydroponic gardening system, you make even better use of the space you have available, whether it’s a patio or an acreage.

What Can You Grow?

There are so many things you can grow in this system, including fruiting plants (strawberries, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, etc.) and most any type of greens (lettuce, kale, Swiss chard, and more). You will be amazed at how much faster your plants will grow hydroponically than they do in a conventional dirt garden—sometimes up to 1.5 times faster.  They can taste better as well because you are in full control of feeding your plants exactly what they want and picking them when they are ripe, so they can be full of flavor and sweeter than what you buy in the grocery stores.

Most fruits and veggies are not picked when they are vine ripe, but rather at a pre-ripened stage, so that food you buy in the grocery store has as much as a 7 day transit time to come from California to the East coast.  Just think about how much fresher your food will be when you go and pick it yourself and put it on your table in just a matter of a few minutes.

The VertiStack vertical growing system and Vertical Growth Towers is not only perfect for growing your food hydroponically, but can be used to grow produce organically, and is cross compatible with Aquaponics systems as well.   Whether you are a hobbyist or a serious commercial farmer with acreage, we can supply your needs.

Our Farm

We have our own 4-acre pick-your-own berry farm, where we grow the fruit, and customers come and pick by the pound. Our customers get to meet the folks who grow their food (the next best thing to growing it themselves, in our opinion!), and get to pick the berries right off the plants with their own hands.  We have no labor harvesting, packaging, shipping or trying to develop a market for our product.  It is a win-win for everyone.  This year, we are adding vertically grown hydroponic strawberries to our existing lineup of conventionally planted blueberries and blackberries.  Let us help you develop your own Pick-Your own operation in your town.  There is not a town anywhere that couldn’t use a non-GMO, pesticide free, herbicide free fruit and veggie producer.

Our system is great for not only Pick your own operations, but for CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture), Farmer’s Co-ops, Farmers Markets, “feed the hungry” ministries, and so on.  There are many things in this life that are luxuries or options, but food is not one of them!  Everyone needs food.

Let us supply you with not only the system, but a complete food-growing package, from seeds, to seed germination, to growing media, and even specially formulated nutrients to feed your plants exactly what they need.