Vertical Grow Towers and Kits for your Home

Vertical Grow Towers

VertiStack Vertical Grow Towers are perfect for any size deck or patio

Thank you for visiting our Vertical Grow Towers page!  Get high-density plant production at home! Our vertical hydroponic kits offer everything you need to get started. Our self-contained automatic VertiStack Wonder Garden is perfect for decks, patios, terraces, or indoors (you will need grow-lights indoors).
VertiStack Wonder Garden Hydroponic SystemIf you have a little space in your yard, you can maximize your outdoor growing space with one of our expandable automatic 1, 2, 3, or 4 tower systems. Just think about it…with our 1-tower system, you can grow up to 24 plants in just 4 square feet of ground-space!
Vertical Grow Towers

Grow Vegetables faster with our Vertical Grow Towers

If you’re on a budget, or simply prefer a system without a pump and timer, our 1 or 2 tower manual system may be what you’re looking for. You get the space- and water-saving benefits of vertical hydroponic gardening, with the affordable simplicity of watering by hand using the same proven nutrient solutions we use in our automatic tower systems.
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VertiStack 1-Tower Vertical Automatic Hydroponics System
VertiStack Auto-Water 1-4 Tower System
VertiStack Wonder Garden Hydroponic System
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