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This is our Universal Growth Formula which has evolved over the years. When your plants are in their vegetative/growth stage this blend will deliver all 14 essential elements that your plants need. PLUS it also contains a proprietary blend of EPA approved ascorbic acid. It also has B vitamin complex, (biotin, pyridoxine, HCL, thiamine hydrochloride, thiamine) IBA, NAA, and antioxidants.
Most people don’t realize that vitamins are a needed co-enzymes used by plants for growth and development. Vitamins are also responsible for activating non-active proteins which are called, (apoenzyme) which is involved in the biochemical production of ATP, a (adenosine triphosphate). The production of ATP is necessary, and is the basic energy plants require for thriving growth.

If you are a grower that plants many different varieties and don’t want to use a different blend for each type of plant, than this is the formula you want. It is a good all purpose general nutrient blend that will get your plants off on a great boost for the first stage of quick vegetative growth. When it is time for you plants to start flowering and producing fruit, then you should switch to our Explosion Bloom formula. This will give your Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Bell Peppers and any other fruiting plant, the necessary elements they need.

Below is a little video showing you the proper way to mix up your nutrient concentrates.

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