VertiStack Auto-Water 1-4 Tower System


First, choose the number of towers you want, then choose the pump size you want, and then choose the type of Nutrient Formula you want to come in your kit.  See Product Description below for more details.



This expandable automatic tower system is perfect for start-up commercial growers and home growers alike.

This system comes with just about everything you need to get started.  You will need to furnish your own 30-50 gallon plastic drum/barrel or round, heavy-duty plastic trash can to use as a nutrient reservoir (square or rectangular trash cans don’t stand up to the water weight when full).  And, of course, you’ll need plants!

Each tower comes with 6 pots, which–depending on what you’re growing–gives you space for up to 24 plants per tower.  You get your choice of pump sizes, so if you are starting small with the hope of expanding later, be sure to choose the right pump to fit your planned system size.

Additional information

Number of Towers

1 Tower, 2 Tower, 3 Tower, 4 Tower

Pump Size

250 GPH (1 to 2 Towers), 450 GPH (1 to 8 Towers), 850 GPH (1-20 Towers), 3000 GPH (20 to 40 Towers)

Choice of Nutrient

Universal Grow Formula, Universal Bloom Formula


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