Stealth RO 100/200


Choose from 2 models to best fit your water filtration needs:

  • 100 Gallons per Day
  • 200 Gallons per Day
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Stealth 100 & 200: Reverse Osmosis at its Best

The Stealth Reverse Osmosis unit produces ultra-pure water for you hydroponic setup with a very low EC or PPM content, so you can start your project with a clean slate.

This filter is very efficient, wasting about 25% less water than other competitor models.

Everything you need to get started comes with the unit, allowing you to quickly set it up in just minutes.

This unit is specially made for your hydroponic needs, but can make great drinking water for your home.

The unit includes the option to go from the standard 3:1 or 2:1 ration of waste to finished product.

There is also an additional option that can be purchased to make the filter an ultra-efficient filter with a 1:1 waste water-to-RO water ratio.

Other options you might consider are a booster pump to keep a constant 65 psi going to your filtration unit.  To monitor the flow rate and help alert you to when you need to change filters, you can’t beat our Flowmaster flow meter. If you need to be able to saftely and automatically shut off your RO filter when your water holding tank is full, then take a look at our Auto Fluid Shut Off device.

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Gallons Per Day Capacity

100 Gal/Day, 200 Gal/Day


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