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This is one of the best automatic PH dosers on the market today.  Stop worrying about having to go out every day and check the PH of your nutrient holding tank.  Even when using RO water, the different elements that are contained within the minerals used in our premium hydroponic solutions are continuously changing as they interact with each other.  For optimal results, you should monitor the PH of your reservoir daily… OR add one of these Mini-Dosers to make your life easy.

You can use this PH Mini Doser as a standing permanent monitor, or add a peristaltic pump and have a fully functional, fully automatic PH dosing system.  You can use it to either add acidic agents like Phosphoric Acid to lower your PH, or add alkali solution to raise you PH.  We find that in our experience, we are usually only adding acid to lower our PH.  This nice controller helps take out the guess work.

The resolution of the unit is from 2 to a PH of 10, with a resolution of .1 on the PH scale.  It has a BNC commercial connection for the replaceable PH probe and electrode with a 2 year warranty.  It will display your dosing count with a built in alarm that can be disabled if you prefer. If the dosing count is higher than the limit that you program into the unit, the unit will either sound an alarm, or stop dosing.

It’s also very easy to calibrate, using your standard PH7 and PH4 buffered calibration solutions.

PH Mini Doser Kit contains:

PH Mini Doser (Controller, sample pot, power supply and PH probe)  $799.95

1-Mini peristaltic pump Single (300ml.min 24DC)  $359.95


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