Nutrient Stock Tank


Available in 3 sizes:

  • 100 Gallon (31″ Diameter x 48″ High)
  • 200 Gallon (36″ Diameter x 48″ High)
  • 300 Gallon (48″ Diameter x 39″ High)
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Nutrient Stock Tank, 100-300 Gallons


These white, food grade HDPE tanks are great for holding your final mix of nutrient solution.  These can be used with either our drip to waste or recirculating system.

For small, drip-to-waste systems, where you’re mixing your nutrients in 50 gallon or smaller batches, a good, heavy-duty Rubbermaid round garbage can will work.  But for larger systems, especially recirculating systems using our Intelligent Dosing Controllers, you’ll want a much larger tank.  That’s where these stock tanks will come in handy.

Large Nutrient Stock Tank, 100-300 gallon tanks can help you to keep the fluctuations of your EC and PH down to a minimum because the larger the body of water, the easier it is to keep your PH, nutrient levels, and solution temperature stabilized.

Optional covers can be bought here, or you can simply cut your own cover out of 3/4″ styrofoam insulation board that you can buy at your local hardware store. You will need a few bricks or stout pieces of lumber to keep the wind from blowing away your styrofoam lid.

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Nutrient Tank Size

100 Gallon, 200 Gallon, 300 Gallon


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