Measuring Beakers 12pk


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One of the things you never think about until it is too late is a way to measure your hydroponic nutrient solutions.  With these heavy duty measuring beakers you won’t have to worry about just guessing how much nutrient you are adding.   These sturdy plastic beakers have 2 pouring spouts, and have easy-to-read, permanently printed markings for  milliliters, cups, pints and ounces.

The two pouring spouts mean you won’t have to twist around to read the measurements on the other side of the cup, just turn it to the side with the measurements you want, and you are good to go.  This beaker is also good for both the left and right handed hydroponic enthusiasts.

The beakers have a wide base to help prevent tip overs.  They are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.   So stock up with this case of 12 measuring beakers and never be without a way to measure your liquids.




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