Hydroponic Tomato Formula




This high quality nutrient formula will out perform any other tomato blend on the market.  It will aid in vigorous growth during the tomato plant’s beginning (growth) stage, and as fruit forms, it gives your tomato plants exactly what they need to form great tasting, plump, juicy and sweet fruit.

This formula will help you to develop a higher Brix level in your fruit to optimize the sugar content for great tasting tomatoes.  Your cherry tomatoes will grow like grape clusters that look like they are just dripping off of your vines.
Watch or video on mixing your nutrient concentrates from VertiStack.

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8 kg. / 17.6 lbs. ($69.95), 20 kg. / 44 lbs. ($119.95), 60 kg. / 132 lbs. ($284.95)


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