Hydroponic Lettuce Formula




This Hydroponic Lettuce nutrient formula has been developed by two of New Zealand’s top agriculture chemists.  Our two-part lettuce nutrient formula is designed for all types of lettuce, and works really well on other types of vegetables that are closely related to the lettuce family.

Use this formula to grow kale, spinach, swiss chard and any other types of similar plants.  This formula has been developed using the highest and purest grade of refined nutrient that you will find anywhere.  Get one of these two part kits and have your crop be above the rest of the crowd.
Watch or video on mixing your nutrient concentrates from VertiStack.

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8 kg. / 17.6 lbs. ($69.95), 20 kg. / 44 lbs. ($119.95), 60 kg. / 132 lbs. ($284.95)


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