Hydroponic Herb Formula




Our Hydroponic Herb Formula is available in three different sizes, to make either a pair (parts A and B) of 5 gallon concentrates, 30 gallons and even 55 gallons of nutrient concentrate.

This Hydroponic Herb formula was developed in New Zealand and specifically formulated for Don Grant and his beautiful Tasman Bay Herb plantation on the southern end of New Zealand.

This formula is responsible for growing some of the best herbs in the world.  So whether you want the most robust Basil, or any other type of herb, this is the nutrient blend that can not be beat.

Watch or video on mixing your nutrient concentrates from VertiStack.

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8 kg. / 17.6 lbs. ($69.95), 20 kg. / 44 lbs. ($119.95), 60 kg. / 132 lbs. ($284.95)


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