Hydroponic Pepper Formula




Available in 3 sizes, our Pepper formula promotes healthy, vigorous plants with plump, juicy peppers.  Bell peppers, jalepenos… just about any type of pepper plants will thrive with this formula.

Peppers are one of the best suited plants for a hydroponic setup, especially when you have a nutrient formula that was created from the ground up with the crop- specific nutrients they need to promote optimum growth and to be able to produce beautiful fruit.

This formula has all the elements and micro nutrients that peppers need, when grown in any type of soil-less vertical hydroponic growing medium.

Below is a little video showing you the proper way to mix up your nutrient concentrates.

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8 kg. / 17.6 lbs. ($69.95), 20 kg. / 44 lbs. ($119.95), 60 kg. / 132 lbs. ($284.95)


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