Humidity Domes


Available in 2.5″ height and 7.5″ height.  Both domes will fit any standard 10″ x 20″ growing tray.



Here at our farm, we have experimented with using both garden-center nursery plants and our own plants that we started ourselves in rock wool or coconut coir.  While most of the nursery plants adjust quite well to the hydroponics system, we have found that the plants we start ourselves grow much more quickly than the nursery plants…and we’re not using special seeds, either!  We are growing regular “garden variety” plants in our vertical tower system, some heirloom seeds and some hybrid varieties, and all do well.

Part of starting your own plants–whether from seed or cuttings–is maintaining the proper environment during the early growth stages.  These humidity domes are essential to help your plants get off to a great start.

VertiStak Humidity domes help keep in heat and moisture.  We like to remove the humidity dome for about 10 minutes per day to let everything breathe, and then replace.

The 2″ high humidity dome is our most popular dome we carry, and is perfect for germinating seeds.

The 7.5″ high humidity dome is the next step when your plants are too tall for the 2″ dome, but not ready to go out into your system (because it’s too cold, or you’re just not ready to plant yet).  This taller dome also works great for propagating from cuttings.  Moisture is key for good propogation.

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Humidity Dome Height

2" High, 7.5" High


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