Floating Seed Starting Tray with Plugs


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This is one of the best ways we have found to start seedlings for use in the VertiStack Hydroponic system.  Trays have 55-floating cells in a heavy duty water holding tray.  The unit comes with 55 earth-friendly seed starting plugs to help you get your seeds of on a great start.  After the first batch, we like to refill the trays with our inert Coco-fiber to start the next round of plants.

The floating raft system gives your plants the ideal air-to-water ratio, without over saturating the roots.  The system waters your plants from the bottom, with a natural wicking action. This system is for starting seeds or propagating your own cuttings from your favorite stock.  Make sure you pick up one of our humidity domes to keep the proper moisture on the top side.


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