VertiStack Manual Tower System




Our 1 or 2 tower manual watering system is an affordable way to get started with vertical hydroponic gardening.   Approximat grow area (footprint): up to 3′ x 8′ (24 sq. ft.) Kit contents include:

  • White VertiStack pots, with three-gallon black nursery pots.
  • Nutrient distribution pots (customer to supply small amount of pea gravel)
  • 1 pieces of 3/4″ x 96″ metal conduit per tower (driven in ground 24″- 6 ft. sticking up)
  • 1 PVC risers and rotating plates per tower (1.25″ PVC x 30″)
  • 1 PH paper test kit
  • Black ground cover with stakes.
  • Grow Media to fill all the pots included in the kit of your choice, plus extra (perlite, vermiculite, coco-coir special blend)
  • Starter supply of  Universal Grow Formula,  (enough for 1 ea. of A/B mix 1 gallon tank of concentrate)
Contents of Manual Tower System
Item 1 Tower 2 Tower
White VertiStack Pots 4 8
Black 3gal Nursery Pot for Base 1 2
Nutrient Distribution Pots 1 2
Metal & PVC Pole/Riser Kit 1 2
Black Ground Cover 4ft x 4ft 4ft x 8ft
PH Paper Test Kit 1 1
Grow Media Yes Yes
Starter Supply of Nutrient Yes Yes
Price of Kit $79.95 $129.95

Additional information

Number of Towers

1 Tower System, 2 Tower System


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