Vertical Hydroponic Systems

Our vertical hydroponic systems are essentially kits that come with everything you need to get started in hydroponic gardening. We offer options well suited for home growing and commercial growing. We also offer a variety of sizes (numbers of plants) and price ranges. The first thing you need to do to get started in hydroponic gardening is decide:

How large do you want your garden to be? Each tower can accommodate up to 24 plants.

Do you want a drain-to-waste system or a recirculating system? Recirculating systems generally require more up-front investment in equipment, but save money (and the environment) on water because it is re-used again and again. Drain-to-waste systems simply allow run-off to be absorbed into the ground.

Are you a commercial grower (who sells their plants) or a home grower (grow for personal use)? If you are growing to make a profit, consider a large, more advanced system (like a recirculating system).

If you chose a drain-to-waste system, would you like it to water automatically (using a timer) or will you water it manually?

If you need help deciding which system will meet your needs, please contact us!