Why Choose VertiStack?

Because we your success is our success.  We are a family based business and not a fortune 500 company that is only interested in making money.  We know how important is it today in rising food prices and sometimes even food becoming scarce.  We have all been seeing the drought conditions all over the country and some food items doubling and tripling in price, IF you can even get them.  In California this year according to an article found at TheBurningPlatform, California accounts for 15% of the nation’s crops.  They grow grapes, almonds, nursery plants, strawberries, lettuce, walnuts and tomatoes.  They are running out of water and this is their 3rd year to be in a crisis.

Vertical Hydroponics can play a major role in water conservation, we we started this company with the prime objective to be able to produce the most food, in the least amount of space, with the least amount of water and not wasting nutrients that are not used by the plants.  We think that if we all use our heads that we can make major strides in progress to have a much Earthy friendly approach to growing our food, without all the GMO and harsh chemicals needed to control pest and weeds in soil based farming practices being done today.

We think that everyone can become self sufficient at their own homestead and not be so reliant on others to produce what we need to survive.  We believe that moving in this direction although might not eliminate you going to the grocery store 100%, it will drastically reduce how many dollars you take out of your wallet at the check out line.  We haven’t figured out a way to vertically grow Rib-Eye steaks yet, but we are working on it!


How to Get Started

What do you need to get started? Well figure out how many plants you want to grow. Our normal self contained unit has enough  room to grow 24 to 100 plants depending on variety. If you want more planting space than look to our larger 4 , 8, 16 or 32 tower kits. You need to decide where you want to put your VertiStack Garden. You need to determine what light you have where you want to place the system. Are you wanting to grow inside, outside, or in a greenhouse. Then you have to decide what crop you really want to grow.

We can help you with all the rest.

We are currently in the process of adding 175 towers to our berry operation which will give us about 3500 strawberries plants yielding from 1 to 3 lbs per year at $5 per lb. you do the math.  This will all be in an area of 50 x 100 feet. Check out the rest of our site to learn more about Vertical Hydroponic Gardening.