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About Vertical Growth Hydroponics

Vertical Growth Hydroponics and the Importance

Let us explain just a little bit about Vertical Growth Hydroponics, who we are and how we got here. VertiStack Hydroponics, LLC is a family owned and operated business. We are really concerned about all the events we see unfolding here in the USA and world-wide, with the weather patterns changing, causing drought conditions in places where there usually is no drought. Unfortunately, a lot of those places are part of the major food belt here in the US. Not only are the fruit and vegetables being affected, but so our cattle industry is suffering as well, all causing food prices to rise at the supermarkets. This might not seem to be a big factor that affects some people, but for others, especially those on a fixed income, it can be devastating. And cost is not the only issue; we even now have a pending problem with our ocean fish that we are buying in the supermarkets, as the nuclear radiation that is pouring out of the Fukushima Nuclear plant is contaminating a lot food that is harvested out of the Pacific.

Our family is part of a community project here in our hometown to feed the hungry. The program is called Abba’s Tables, and is a ministry of Olive Branch Fellowship, and is a multi-denominational community outreach where a lot of other Churches in our town come together for the common purpose of help those in need.

We wanted to find a way that we could produce fresh, high quality food that we grow could ourselves for pennies on the dollar of what it cost to buy it, even on a wholesale level. We wanted to grow it ourselves so that we would know how it was grown, what chemicals were NOT sprayed all over it, and how and when it was harvested and handled after harvest.

We also have a 3.5 acre blueberry farm called BerryBlueRanch with .5 acre of thornless blackberries. We are adding about 12,000 strawberry plants with our very own Vertical Hydro system, which will be part of our “pick-your own” berry operation.

Our family of companies includes a facility that builds robotic CNC manufacturing equipment, CNC Plasma Cutting tables and CNC Router tables. With us being able to manufacture these machines to sell to others around the US, we can take advantage of this state-of-the-art manufacturing that helps us to build a better Vertical Hydroponic system, being able to do much of the manufacturing in-house instead of having to outsource it, or, even worse, buy from outside the US. As you research your vertical hydroponic system options, ask the companies if their pots are made in the US or not. This might not seem like that big a thing to you, but every cent we can keep in this country will go to make jobs for the future of our children.

Lots of folks dream of having their own garden, but many do not even try a project like that for multiple reasons. First, they might not have the room in their back yard. With our simply tower systems you don’t have that problem; in a single tower system you can grow up to 24 plants–depending on variety–in the same space as just one conventionally planted tomato plant. We try to make it simple enough so that most anyone can do it with out any prior experience.

Our goal is to make it easier and more pleasant to grow your own food and be more in control of your future, no matter what the economy does, or what other catastrophes are ahead for our food industry.