High Density Growing

We have everything you need
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from your patio or back yard.

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Vertical Hydroponics

Vertical Hydroponics

Vertical Hydroponics

Thank you for taking time to visit us here to learn more about our Vertical Hydroponics. Our VertiStack high-density, vertical hydroponic gardening system allows you to grow up to 24 plants in the space of 1 to 2 plants in conventional growing systems. Hydroponic gardening is a unique way to approach the issue of water conservation, with the possibility of producing up to 80% more crop on the same amount of land needed for conventional farming.

For the home gardener, we offer self-contained vertical hydroponic gardening systems, where everything comes in one package, with directions and a video of how to put it all together. Then, just pop in your plants, plug it in and forget it. Okay, you can’t actually FORGET it, but the system does the watering for you automatically. And, because you are aren’t growing your plants in dirt, there is no back-breaking weed-pulling, and no soil-borne diseases, so you can have healthy, happy plants without as much fuss.  Click to learn more about Vertical Hydroponic Gardening.

Why Hydroponics?

Water Usage

Depending on the method you use, vertical hydroponics can use up to 80 percent less water than conventional dirt gardening.


You can grow almost anywhere, from icy climates to desert environments.  Look how Israel and other Middle Eastern countries use vertical hydroponics to grow lush, high quality fresh produce in harsh environments.

Learning Curve

Vertical Hydroponics can be simpler to learn than conventional gardening, because most of the guesswork has been taken out of the equation for you with pre-formulated nutrient blends.

Fast Growing

Your crops can grow up to 1.5 times faster than conventional soil based growing.

Growing Season

If you are growing hydroponically inside your home, Florida room or greenhouse, you are not limited to just growing in springtime.  You can grow year round.

Space Requirements

With our self contained system, you can grow right on your own patio or deck, or even inside your home next to a sunny window.